Sugianto Tandio, MSc

Sugianto Tandio has served as the President Director of PT. Tirta Marta, a Flexible Plastic Manufacturing company serving plastic packaging needs for domestic & multi-national customers since 1994. Together with his partner, he formedGreenhope (PT. Harapan Interaksi Swadaya), a green plastic technology business as a Co-Founder & President Commissionaire.After graduated from Master of Science –ProcessEngineerProgram at the University ofNorth Dakota, USA (1988), Mr. Tandio invested a decade to research and developeda successfully commercialize new environmentally friendly plastic solutions, OXIUM® (US Patent) and ECOPLAS® (US Patent Pending).A green plastic technology isgood for the environment because it onlytake a short time to degrade unlike theregular plastics which take up500-1000 years to degrade. In addition, since it is using tapioca as the basic ingredient, it is also providing job for tapioca farmers –hence good for the people as well. Prior to leading Greenhope (PT. Harapan Interaksi Swadaya), Mr. Tandio has served at 3M (1988-1994), Ideal Aerosmith Inc. (1986-1988), and the University of North Dakota Electrical Engineering Department (1986-1988). He isalsoan active member of the ETA KAPPA NU ElectricalEngineering Honor Society (USA) and the TAU BETA PI National Engineering Honor Society (USA).Mr. Tandiowas born in the land of Sumatra, afather of two sonsand devoted husband to his lovely wife, Mrs. Dewi. Togethertheyreturned to their homelandto contribute and create innovations fromIndonesia that can proudly share tothe world.