Prof. Dr. Matthias Kleinke

  • Rhein-Waal University, Kleve, Germany

Prof. Matthias Kleinke was born and grew up in the Mark Brandenburg, he studied agriculture at the Humboldt University in Berlin and did his doctorate in agricultural engineering on a topic about the use of biomass in landscape conservation. After his research work in Berlin, Dr. Kleinke in the areas of scholarship programs and organic waste recycling at the German Federal Foundation for the Environment. His work as head of department for agricultural and forestry recultivation at the Research Institute for Post-Mining Landscapes (FIB) brought him back to Brandenburg, where he then took over the management of public waste disposal companies for years.
Applied environmental research and the recycling of material flows have accompanied Prof. Kleinke’s work and are still the focus of his interest today. Prof. Kleinke considers implementation-oriented cooperation with companies in the region as well as cooperation with international partners to be indispensable.
Prof. Kleinke taught as a guest at many international universities and colleges, e.g. in Bangladesh, Benin, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Cameroon, Kyrgyzstan, Spain, Tanzania, Ukraine and the USA.