Dr. Taylor Willmott

  • Adelaide Business School, The University of Adelaide, Australia

Dr. Willmott is an award-winning researcher with expertise in behavioural science, economics, social marketing, and human-centered design. With a focus on external engagement and social impact, Dr. Willmott has expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research methods including systematic reviews, surveys, focus groups, semi-structured and depth interviews, co-design, and stakeholder consultation. Dr. Willmott engages in partnered research to tackle complex wicked problems such as climate change, violence, and chronic disease. Dr. Willmott is currently a Lecturer in Marketing (Research) within the Adelaide Business School. She also sits on the School’s Engagement Committee as the marketing discipline’s representative and is part of the ‘Transforming Markets and Behaviour’ research group within the Yunus Centre for Business, Sustainability & Social Impact.