10 Things ‘Nashville’ Gets Actually Incorrect About Nashville

10 Things ‘Nashville’ Gets Actually Incorrect About Nashville

ABC’s soapy drama Nashville has brought large amount of awareness of Music City. But whilst the show has a (fittingly) killer sound recording, it does not constantly hit the mark on which it means to reside and work in exactly what the brand new York days recently deemed the”it that is latest” city.

Here are 10 items that Nashville gets incorrect in regards to the Athens of this South and its number 1 export, music.

1. No body actually talks like Scarlett.

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A very important factor you learn quickly upon going to Nashville is that nobody is obviously from Nashville. It is kind of like nyc, simply in the South. Certain, there are some locals, but in the songs industry especially, you run into lot of transplants who adopted one fantasy or another to the music town’s home. The abundance of southern-fried accents on Nashville, then, is way off the mark.

Clare Bowen’s Scarlett O’Connor could be the worst offender of all, impacting a drawl therefore over-enunciated she makes Dolly Parton appear to be a New Yorker.

2. Celebrities don’t go out at Tootsies. No body does.

Tootsies World known Orchid Lounge is among the primary tourist attractions on Nashville’s neon tourist drag, Lower Broadway. In fact, it’s therefore successful being a tourist draw that no locals ever there hang out, and yes, that features music stars.

It’s a little difficult to think, then, that a mega-star like Rayna would ask Deacon to take her there for the drink (unless, of course, her idea of relaxation is being bombarded by out-of-towners in Elvis T-shirts and fanny packs).

You’re more prone to see a-listers at regional restaurants like City home or Rolf and Daughters. Them alone if you do, though, mind your Nashville manners and leave.

3. No one willingly visits Murfreesboro.

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Deacon’s choice to restart his post-accident profession at some random bar (Shotgun Sally’s, to be precise) in Murfreesboro is amongst the show’s stranger missteps. So much to ensure that even Avery concerns his decision, asking, “Murfreesboro. Why?”

See, for the uninitiated, that you don’t go to Murfreesboro until you need certainly to visit Murfreesboro. And unless you attend MTSU, there is no genuine reason for that half-hour drive southeast. If Nashville is New York, Murfreesboro is Newark. No further explanation necessary.

4. Nashville is just a (mostly) paparazzi-free city.

Although TMZ did recently start an office that is much-maligned Nashville, many a-listers have the ability to start their company undisturbed.

In Nashville’s most episode that is recent though, Rayna is swarmed by lots of camera-wielding maniacs after her child Maddie posts one vaguely interesting YouTube movie, that is something which would happen roughly never.

5. Superstars also have safety.

On Nashville, superstars like Juliette Barnes gallivant around city (and shoplift from Kroger) without having a bodyguard dating sites for writers adults coming soon. The lack of protection is as unlikely as the existence of paparazzi.

However a real-life Juliette like Taylor Swift can not keep the household without protection. In addition to strange guys attempting to swim to her Rhode Island home, Swift ended up being recently issued a restraining order against another fan who had threatened to kill “any man who gets in [his] way.”

So Juliette, the next time you want to swipe a nail polish, maybe bring a bodyguard or two.

6. Royalty checks are actually pretty tiny.

In the most episode that is recent Gunnar gets a royalty check to the tune of $400,000. Let us do some mathematics right here:

For legal reasons, a songwriter gets 9.1 cents for each track offered, half of which visits the writer’s publisher. To make $400,000, then, a journalist’s song would have to offer just under 9.9 million songs. To put that in context, the biggest-selling track of 2013 ended up being Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” which was downloaded 6.5 million times.

Now theoretically the check ended up being from ASCAP, meaning it had been for performance royalties in the place of technical people. Yet still, that number is insane.

7. Labels don’t boss their movie stars around.

Labels are dependent on their major designers for survival. A label like Edgehill Republic can’t keep the lights on without big sales numbers. In many cases, then, the label is a lot more likely to fold over backwards for the artist than vice versa.

That isn’t the situation on Nashville, however. Edgehill CEO Jeff Fordham constantly belittles Juliette and tries to dictate her profession, which may deliver many founded movie stars storming out of the door.

8. You cannot simply go spend time at the Ryman.

Whenever Rayna James tries to woo Will Lexington into signing to Highway 65 Records, she sets up a private conference at the caretaker Church of Country musical, the Ryman Auditorium. Evidently she can perform that because she’s Rayna James.

Now, for future reference, the Ryman is not readily available for your private discussion needs, however it is open for day-to-day tours, and, needless to say, some of the best music that is live’ll ever see.

9. No one has conversations that are secret the river.

What exactly is it with Nashville as well as the Cumberland River, anyhow? It seems like every single other episode there is some meeting that is clandestine the pedestrian bridge, like this’s an ordinary action to take or something like that. Can you even get down there? Why had been you even chilling out on Broadway if you were attempting to keep something secret?

Now, I’m no local politician, but from my experience most conversations regarding unplanned pregnancies, illicit affairs and federal government scandals are held within the convenience of the own home. But perhaps that’s simply me personally.

10. Working in the music industry isn’t that glamorous.

Sure, it sounds exciting, but involved in the songs industry is not all it’s cracked around be. Nashville shows most of the parties and honors programs but leaves out the 14-hour times and email that is middle-of-the-night.

Oh, plus don’t depend on getting rich fast. Your boss may drive a Ferrari, but you will you need to be grateful as soon as your salary finally hits $30,000.